Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world.

Saturday May 25, 2024


What is Drone Day?

An annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sounds!

Why do we drone?

To awaken tiny vibrations in our skin and between all our bones.


Everyone is welcome to organize or attend!

Drone Day was dreamed by MCLF of Weird Canada and vibrated into existence by communities and droners around the world.


In a park, under a bridge, on the beach, on a roof, in the record store, online, in a cave, under your bed


Saturday May 25, 2024 - all day


Gather and drone with friends, with the public, or alone (though you are never truly alone in the drone)

Send us a location and link and we'll add it to the site.

Two people playing the violin with a projected Tie Dye background

The Olm in Edmonton - thee_ruiner

A group of people are watching two individuals creating live music on keyboards

Space Agency in Kitchener Waterloo - Marie Claire

Two people in a blue illuminated background

Victoria - CFUV

Two people in a room creating live music on a table with many plants

Castle If - Aubrey Jax(

Two people creating live music

Jon Vaughn and Sarah Michè€lle in Saskatoon - Josh Rohs

A person laying down with their arms crossed and their head resting on a skateboard

The Music Gallery Drone Therapy - Kevin Jones

A person smiling while twirling rope lights

Maddk Hunt

Two people with a multi-color background

Ratio - Aubrey Jax

A person creating live music with a green Jesus in the background

Quebec City - Le Knockout

A person outside glassblowing

Fire Organ, Nanaimo - Katie Gilray

A person gripping onto a table in a dim-lit room

Sothea Kham

Instrument equipment with a large dog in the background

Drone Dog - Chittakone Baccam

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