Drone from Home

Saturday May 30 is the 7th annual Drone Day: dr(o)ne from h(o)me.

Now more than ever we need time for togetherness, for connection: making a long sonic drone that draws us together all around the world.

Everyone is invited to take part. If you can make a looong noise, join us! Celebrate in a way that is meaningful to you, invent your own rituals. Make long sounds. Sing to tiny green plants? Plant a seed? Move your body? Play with sound? Sit on your balcony, on your stoop, lean out your window, and come together with us through the healing power of sound.

How do I make a drone?

Can you make a sound? Can you make it longer? Just make any long, extended, or repeating tones. All sounds welcome: drones made with your voice, drones made by appliances, bagpipe drones, homemade drones, synth drones, anything that is loooooong and vibrates in your bones.

How do I celebrate?

Use your imagination and follow your own heart. At any time on May 30. Make some long sounds that feel good in your ears and see where it takes you. Beginner (‘I have no idea what I’m doing’) celebrations welcome. Professional musician livestreams welcome. New rituals and experiments welcome. You can drone offline in the wind and the sun or online. If you send us a livestream link, we'll share it.


Now more than ever, we need to make time for connection, healing, marking the passing of time in our lives. Every spring we reach out to each other across impossible geographic distances with our looong tones. Together we are many small creatures wrapping our shared world in one long drone.

Join us on May 30 2020?

We'd be delighted