Sixth annual Drone Day on Saturday, May 25

Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world.

Drone Day is an annual global celebration of drone music and community. Drone Day continues to grow in its sixth year, stretching from Dawson City (Canada) to Victoria (Australia).

Musical drones are sustained sounds, notes, or tone clusters. Drones can be made electronically with computers or synthesisers and acoustically with instruments like the tanpura, hardanger fiddle, sho, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and the human voice.

Over 50 events and gatherings celebrating Drone Day will take place on Saturday, May 25, 2019. Droners with diverse circumstances and backgrounds collaborate together around the world.

“We need connection. We’re plugged into everything all the time. But we’re disconnected in every way that matters.

Drones are inherently collaborative and Drone Day is a day of connection.

We invite you to drone with us.

Everyone is welcome. We drone together once a year, making a noise together that stretches around the world."

- Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan

Drone Day celebrations are all locally and independently organized. Gatherings can occur anywhere: on rooftops, in transit stations, on street corners, or in people’s homes.

2019 celebrations include:

  • Drones and video-mapping in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • High Trash Media drones in Charlottetown, PEI
  • Nature Drones in a tiny village (Hebden Bridge) in the UK
  • Dawson City drones in the Ballroom of the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture
  • An all-women drone session live to radio in Berlin, Germany
  • “Life is busy, life is noisy, drone is downtime” in Brandon, Manitoba
  • Drones in a greenhouse in Hamilton, Ontario
  • Prince George, British Columbia’s first (official) drone day celebration
  • Long drones in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Lawnya Vawnya drones in St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • St. John, New Brunswick drones in the Saint John Tool Library & DIY centre
  • Turin, Italy drones at the Jazz is Dead! Festival
  • 12 hours of endurance drones in Montreal, Quebec
  • Victoria, Australia makes a massive drone
  • A roaming drone (starting in the skatepark) in Whitehorse, Yukon

For more information about Drone Day, including a growing list of Drone Day celebrations, visit droneday.org.

  • What: Drone Day is an annual celebration of drone, experimental sounds, and community.
  • When: Saturday May 25, 2019
  • Where: All over Canada and growing internationally
  • How does it happen? Each event is created independently by local artists and communities.
  • How did it come to be? Drone Day was dreamed up by Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan of weirdcanada.com and made by independent communities around the world

More images available here.

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The Olm in Edmonton - thee_ruiner

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Space Agency in Kitchener Waterloo - Marie Claire

portfolio item

Victoria - CFUV

portfolio item

Castle If - Aubrey Jax(

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Jon Vaughn and Sarah Michèlle in Saskatoon - Josh Rohs

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The Music Gallery Drone Therapy - Kevin Jones

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Maddk Hunt

portfolio item

Ratio - Aubrey Jax

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Quebec City - Le Knockout

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Fire Organ, Nanaimo - Katie Gilray

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Sothea Kham

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Drone Dog - Chittakone Baccam