We're looking into online tools/platforms for sonic exploration & bringing drone day celebrations together.


  • make a virtual world where people can wander from drone to drone? (rooms?)
  • make an online map with dots - explore the drone world?
  • chained livestreams - some love live streaming, others find it lonely
  • make a compilation site where droners can submit music, visuals, other
  • make a mix site where guests can live-mix the sound?
  • make a site where you can record your voice & it is drawn out into a drone that you can share?
  • offline drones, send them to each other through the soil and air?

Inspirations/Ideas - Online gathering spaces

Inspirations/Ideas - Browser instruments, toys and tools

If you made it this far and want to help make something together online (this doesn't replace local drone day celebrations - it compliments them) send an email and let us know. We'd love help with programming, design, writing, and sound.